Europe travel services

Dear guest, you’re about to be traveling… in Europe.
Which guarantees one thing: you’re going to need a tailor made itinerary planned.
And some classy private transfers.
Complimentary hotel recommendations and restaurant reservations would be welcome too.
As well as a personal travel concierge.

You are cordially invited to discover premium sensory experiences stretched over Europe.

The very best that Romania and other European countries has to offer is at your disposal.
Travel in the comfort of first-class cabin seating and private transfers to your destination.
Receive impeccable services, enjoy personal assistance throughout your visit and enhance your experience with highly customized activities !

Discover service as warm as golden sunshine and amenities that both indulge and delight you.
Benefit of itinerary planning according to your own pace and personal interests.
Travel on land, sea or air by premium or luxury sedan limos and vintage cars or helicopters, private jets and yachts.
Enjoy the effortless ease of a stay at one of our favorite intimate boutique, lavish hotels or lordly mansions.
Then feed your appetite with gourmet meals and premium wine tastings.
Self-guided or chauffeured escorted tours take you to highlight and off-the-beaten-track sightseeing.
And you get them all with surprise gifts !

Lively traditions, amazing activities, savory gastronomy, relaxing escapes, sumptuous culture…
Azzurytt mixes this wide variety of carefully selected ingredients upon your wishes, hobbies, curiosities, personality and level of activity.
Thus we create together your own tailor made Romanian or Europe tour.


Bespoke Europe tour, travel & leisure services

  • Vacation consultant service
  • Lodging recommendations (hotel / villa / mansion)
  • Airport transfers
  • Car rentals
  • Yacht & Boat charter
  • Air charter
  • Restaurants / Shows / Museum reservations
  • Travel and tour tips

Full itinerary planning

We’ll tell you the best spots to:
– sleep,
– eat,
– taste the local wine,
– take the perfect photo shots and
– lots of other travel tips.
Just let us know what you need.
Let’s talk online or over a coffee about your personal interests and curiosities – heritage, nature, culture… – as well as about your needs: hotels, restaurants, cars…
All your questions will be answered and your tour map will be drawn.

Talk to your travel expert


Sometimes it’s not what you know, it’s who you know

Europe travel services - Romania car tours | Azzurytt itinerary planning

Over 15 years of experience in hospitality field
BA in Tourism Economy, MA in International Tourism, Tourism Manager License
Love making guests happy by giving them exceptional moments to cherish for life

Most fun things are hidden.
Or off-limits.
At least until you know somebody…
who knows a local…
who tells you the stories you won’t find in any travel guides and open some closed doors for you.
Azzurytt tailor-made tours seek out the best of Romania and other Europe countries provided with top travel service available.
Offering the knowledge to exceed your expectations, a personal travel concierge designs your vacation with you from scratch.
Tailoring the tour around your interests and needs, this gladly assist with travel arrangements, booking services and sightseeing information.

Contact your Personal travel concierge in Romania and Europe


Comprehensive range of irreproachable personalized services and benefits


Personal travel concierge

A local travel expert helps you organize your time and assist with every need, even the spontaneous ones.
This is available by e-mail, phone or on the spot.
Think to one of your funny friends you always love to have along.

Make a wish !

Itinerary planning

Your tour scenario design includes:
- best route finding,
- trip planning,
- sightseeing tours to the highlight & off-the-beaten-track tourist attractions & destinations,
- extensive inside knowledge about Romania not printed on guided books nor listed on Internet websites.

What to expect

  • Summer travel destinations / winter holidays retreats / autumn vineyards tastings / spring mountain escapades…
  • Historical sites / Art galleries / Museums / Spa rituals
  • Most beautiful parks & gardens
  • Zoos & Aquariums for children of all ages
  • Romantic dinners / Beaches, lakes & rivers
  • Experiences for cars, trains and boats afficionados
  • Photo safari in Carpathians’ canyons
  • Twilight cruises on the glittering Black Sea
  • Cooking classes with a skilled private chef
  • Traditional handicrafts classes
  • Narrow picturesque pathways from medieval times
  • Savoring mouth watering dishes of local cuisine
  • Following the steps of the country’s greatest people
  • Truffle hunting with trained dogs…

Participate in a private discovery of this less known land.
Sometimes go behind the scenes…
From start to the end, all that matter are your wishes, hobbies and personality.
Because our mission is to create your own tailor made authentic tours out of carefully selected destinations and services.
Whatever you and your select buddies wish, for sure you’ll feel special.
Buddies-time has never been so fun !

Don’t see your perfect experience here ? Let’s custom made one ! 


Classy private transfers

Talk to us to discover incredible journeys throughout Europe countries aboard a private (chauffeured) car with full modern comfort.
For transfers with panache we offer optional alternative ways !

– Airport transfers (Bucharest only)
– City tours
– Car rental services
– Limousine services

Europe travel services - Car rental with driver in Romania - Private airport transfer in Bucharest

Rent-a-car (and driver)

An expert chauffeur with comfortable modern / vintage car, sedan / stretch limousine or luxury minivan picks you up from arrivals terminal at designated airport in Europe. And  he stays at your disposal all day long for sightseeing tours, business meetings if case and even some clubbing till dawn.
Harmony between first class service and meticulous attention to details is of major importance. Enjoy seamless tours from door-to-door with private chauffeur-drive services by:

– Standard (Dacia, Skoda, Renault, Ford, Opel…)
– Premium (Volkswagen, Audi, BMW…)
– Deluxe (Mercedes E / S / V Class…)
– Fun cars: Convertibles (Volkswagen Eos…) OR 4×4 (Dacia Duster, Range Rover Sport, Jeep Wrangler…)

– Now it gets stylish:

-Vintage cars (Rolls Royce, Nissan, Oldsmobile, Plymouth, Dacia, Morgan…)
– Porsche Cayenne…

Just to prove we love you the prices are tailored to your personal plans !

– yacht charter
– boat rental

Cruise the Black Sea & Danube Delta

It’s never too soon to start planning your summer escape to  glittering Black Sea or Danube Delta Biosphere Reservation.
Prepare to be dazzled by Mother Nature beauty both aboard and on shore, where precious cultural gems also await you.
Voyage between Mangalia, Constanta and Tulcea for several hours or days. These journeys showcase vibrant resorts and historic landmarks, culinary and Dyonisiac delights.
Plus the chance of experiencing true eco-adventures:
– safari bike and picnic on a wild beach,
– boat trip on Danube’s channels,
– exploring the Wild Peony Park,
– witnessing the bygone grandeur of ancient fortresses along Silk Road…
all on idyllic voyages through Dobrudgea province.

I want to go !

Romania air travel:
– scenic helicopter tours
– jet air taxi

Europe travel services - Romania private transfers - Azzurytt tailor made tours

Flying over the majestic Carpathian Mountains is an extraordinary event, no matter how overused is the word.
The magic of moment is total: the landscape in which we are immersed, free from all attachment, is literally breathtaking.
We are prepared both with the highest standards of comfort and safety and various types of:
– Light / small aircrafts (Piper, Cessna, Diamond, Britten Norman…)
– VIP helicopters (Augusta Bell, Bell, Cabri…)
– and private jets (Hawker Beechcraft Kingair…)

See places as birds do !


Comfortable hotel / villa / lordly mansion rooms & apartments

Exceptional service means also complimentary recommendations of the best places to sleep and eat.

This is no-cost, value-added service provided by Azzurytt.
We only recommend (not sell) the best accommodation options according to chosen itinerary.
If these have no available rooms for your dates or you prefer different units, alternatives shall be provided.
You are solely responsible for checking each accommodation unit’s:
– homepage,
– online reviews,
– policy etc.
before making the booking (or requesting Azzurytt to make the booking for you).
Our carefully selected List of Favorite Spots offers mostly luxury apartments / suites and premium rooms with amazing amenities for discerning vacationer.
It includes 3*, 4* and 5* accommodation units or their equivalent if unconventional units (lordly mansions / monasteries…).
Stay anywhere from the Black Sea coast all the way to Atlantic Ocean with virtually endless options of activities.
Europe’s most swoon-worthy hotels and mansions are at your disposal.
All you have to do is which one to choose.


Cuisine ~ Fine dining & traditional restaurantsEurope travel services - Romanian cuisine | Fine dining and traditional restaurants

Unparalleled settings and cuisine make up our list of Europe's breathtaking restaurants from Atlantic Coast to Tbilisi and from Zakynthos Mediteraneean Island to Norvegian fjords.

The restaurants we recommend are meticulously selected for their fine cuisine, ambiance and service.
And we offer a wide selection for every tour.
Plus nothing compares with the tasting of top local wines right in the vineyard’s cellar !


Wine tastings

At vineyards producing internationally awarded wines for years




Neck massages. They can be great. Or pretty creepy. Depends on the masseuse.
At Azurytt we believe that Wellness is a destination.
We will recommend the best properties in the world where you can relax, rejuvenate and leave the stress behind.
We will guide you through various wellness programs and help you to choose the one to suit your needs.


VIP access

First class tickets & VIP seats to outstanding opera performances and the most sought-after George Enescu biennial festival concerts, private shows, UEFA football matches, nightclubs


Original gifts & souvenirs

  • Contemporary paintings
  • Traditional useful tools, toys, pottery, jewelry, clothes
  • Limited edition wines / Best Romanian wines – inclusively Romanian collection wine and fruit brandy
  • Blown glass and leather gifts signed by internationally famous Romanian artists


Travel with us to enjoy special treatment and surprise gifts !

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